Lightroom Is Now Part of the Creative Cloud

The rumors have been floating around out there for a while (and Adobe said it was gonna happen eventually) and now it’s a done deal. Lightroom is officially now part of the Adobe Creative Cloud. So this means that if you’ve already bought a creative cloud subscription you can now download Lightroom 4 for free today as part of your subscription.

Now, all that said, I know that a good percentage of you reading this won’t be affected by this because 1) you already bought Lightroom 4 when it was first announced, OR 2) You’re not a subscriber to the Adobe Creative Cloud because maybe you just use Photoshop and the CC isn’t for you. Here’s something to consider though… think of thie impact of this from an overall community and support aspect. Now that Lightroom is in the Creative Cloud, this opens Lightroom up to HUGE numbers of new users. People that may never have bought it because they didn’t consider themselves serious photographers (of course we know LR is great even if you’re just a casual photographer). When it comes down to it, this growth is good for all of us using Lightroom. The more people that use Lightroom, the more training, presets, integration and overall community support you’ll find out there. Trust me, it’s a good thing.

Okay, now you know my thoughts on the topic? What’s yours?