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Lightroom in 60-Seconds: How to Add Text to Your Prints

I’m back with more Lightroom in 60-seconds videos (after a brief hiatus brought on by the whole virus quarantine and a bout of extreme laziness), but here we go starting off with a good one — it’s how to add text, or your logo, to a print layout in Lightroom Classic.

I know that this video was a little late going up today, but it’s only because I’m a lame-o. Hey, at least I know it. 🙂

Stay safe, stay sane, and come back tomorrow for some Rockin’ Rob! 🙂




  1. Martin C 21 June, 2020 at 13:14 Reply

    It would be great if future developments of Lightroom could allow more than one text block, or text and logo (for example, so that I could add a title for the image in the centre and my signature or logo in the bottom right).

    My work around for this is to do pretty much as Scott says in the video, then for the second text block you need to deselect the photo in the LR Filmstrip, then add your additional text block onto the blank page and pass the paper through the printer for a second time. You will notice that because you have de-selected an image in the Film strip, the Print button is greyed out in LR, so you need to use Cmd+P to get the print module up.

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