Lightroom 5.2 Is Officially Out

Adobe announced yesterday that Lightroom 5.2 is out. If you’re wondering what happened to Lightroom 5.1, don’t. Due to some version changes with Camera Raw (and trying to keep things in sync), LR 5.1 was skipped and the updates have gone straight to 5.2.

The “dot” updates usually aren’t too exciting. There’s always some tweaking, bug fixes and mostly updates for newly released cameras (the new Canon 70D is now supported). But I’m pretty psyched over this update, because they added a new feature that I immediately wished for as soon as I started using the Clone/Heal brush in Lightroom 5. It’s a Feather control for the brush, which basically softens the edges. I’ve always thought whenever you used the brush, the edges looked too harsh between the retouched vs. non-retouched areas. So the Feather option is a HUGELY welcomed new feature for me. I’ve also thought that the clone/heal brush seemed to sample some weird areas to say the least. Well, it looks like they’ve addressed that as well, and the brush should sample from some more similar areas that it has been.

You can find out more about what’s included from the Adobe Lightroom Product managers blog, The Lightroom Journal. And you can update Lightroom by going to the Help menu or just click this link here to go to Adobe’s website. See ya!



  1. Ron 18 September, 2013 at 01:38 Reply

    I wish they would add a feather to the adjustment brush for when you’re in auto mask mode. I notice there is sometimes a definite hard line next to item your not affecting with brush. Something similar to a 1px and even 2px feather would help greatly to blend adjustment in auto mask. I think a simple 0px(as is now) 1px and 2px would be nice.

    • Manthx 26 September, 2013 at 12:04 Reply

      That it’s simple enough and it would be great… Wishing further I’d like a “refine edge” to make selections smoother.

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