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Bit Depth for Photographers: Download A Free Article From Lightroom Magazine

Every time I teach a seminar or workshop I hear raves reviews about Lightroom Magazine. So I thought I’d share one of the latest articles from Issue #7 of the magazine (which just came out about a week or so ago). It’s from Laura Shoe and it’s on a topic that I hear plenty of questions about – Bit Depth. We have choices for 8-bit images, 16-bit images, and 32-bit images. What’s it all mean and how does it tie in to Lightroom? Laura is an absolute expert in the area, and she’s got a great article in the latest issue that helps shed some light on the topic. Here’s a link to download a PDF of the article if you want to check it out (it’s free).

And if you like it enough, here’s the link to the Apple App Store to download the Lightroom Magazine app. Enjoy and have a good one!