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Free Lightroom 4 Presets – Vignettes and Edge Darkening

Hi everyone. One of the things that just about all of my photos get is a vignette to darken the edges. It really helps bring in focus on your photos, and makes a great finishing touch. It’s also perfect for a preset because it’s something that’s very repeatable, and the settings stay the same (or almost the same) for each time I use it.

You’ll see 3 different versions here – Light, Medium, and Strong. Depending on the photo and how dark the edges already are, I usually use the Light or Medium version. But feel free to go with the Strong one if your photo can take it without starting to look fake around the edges.





Hope you enjoy. Have a good one!



  1. gLynda 2 January, 2013 at 22:18 Reply

    Am I crazy … I can download Photoshop brush files that are zipped from the internet and using the “Extract” unzip them and use them. When I try it with any of the preset files from here all I get is the message that says the Zipped file is empty? There doesn’t seem to be any way to unzip them. Are they only for a Mac? I’m using Windows 7. I tried several of the preset files here … no avail? Any suggestions or is it just the “wizard” part of me making it not work? Thanks.

  2. Milton 21 December, 2012 at 19:44 Reply

    Hey Matt – what are those “Sports Game Day” ones?
    Are those sharable – or something you want to hold on to?
    I love all the ones you share and thanks for the great blog!

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