Layers for Lightroom?

What’s probably the most-used feature in Photoshop? Layers right? Something that’s layer-related is probably the main reason I ever leave Lightroom in the first place. Well, onOne Software has come out with a brand new plug-in that brings the features of layers to Lightroom. Yep, layers, stacking, blend modes, and even layer masks. In the scheme of how we work with our photos, this could really change things and I’m excited to see where it goes. I mean, think about all the times you go from Lightroom to Photoshop to simply add one layer or change a blend mode and use a mask. You’ve basically made that entire move to Photoshop (which has thousands of features) for just one thing.

Here’s an example from a video I did for onOne, where I started with a texture image and a photo I took in Paris (both in Lightroom). In a few seconds I was able to combine the two with the Overlay blend mode – something that you’d never be able to do in Lightroom. (Click to see it larger)

You can download it now for free, have a chance to try it out, and share your feedback with onOne’s development team. Congrats to onOne for seeing a huge need in how we work with our photography and coming out with Perfect Layers to help solve it.