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At Last! Full Size Preset Previews Are Here! (Wild Cheers Ensue!)

Greetings from Cincinnati (I’m up here for my Lightroom seminar today).

Here’s a new feature that Adobe snuck into the recent Lightroom Classic 7.3 update — one we’ve been waiting for, for around 11 or so years — the ability to see a full-size preview of how a particular preset would look before we applied it. We’ve had a mini-preview available if you had the tiny Navigator panel open at the top of the left side panels, but this is the real full-size preview we’ve always longed for.

Take a look at this silent 21-second video to see it in action (I didn’t have a decent mic with me here in Cincinnati, so I went all Silent Bob on it).

Pretty sweet, right?

A few folks are having issues with this feature…
I saw online where there are a few folks out there that can’t get this new feature to work, even though they updated to Lightroom Classic 7.3. Could have to do with your brand of Graphics Card or amount of RAM, or you didn’t buy a Mac or any of that crazy stuff, but I’ve talked to lots of folks for whom it is working swimmingly. Now, if it’s not working for you, should you post a nastygram to Adobe here, OR perhaps should you use the links I gave you on Friday to talk directly to Adobe’s Lightroom team? It’s your call. 😉

Have a great Monday, everybody!



P.S. The next stop on my Lightroom seminar tour is Hartford, CT on Monday, May 7th. Come on out and spend the day with me learning cool Lightroom stuff.