It's Preset Day!

Welcome back to another edition of Matt’s Free Presets. This week the preset is one that I’ve been experimenting with a lot lately. I call it Vividity. It’s not really a word but I think it should be so I’ve named my preset in hopes that millions of people will follow and eventually force the dictionary gods (whoever they may be) to add it. Anyway, dreams aside, the preset does just what you think it does. It adds a degree of vividness (which is a word) to your photos. There’s a few different flavors that you’ll see when you download. Level 1 is the least vivid and Level 3 is the most. I recommend staying away from the Level 3 for portraits or photos with people in them as it looks a little too punchy. Otherwise, enjoy ’em and let me know what you think by posting a comment. Thanks!

Click here to see a sample of the preset.
Click here to download Matt’s Vividity Presets
Click here to see a video on how to install presets.


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  1. Thx Matt again for another great preset. Have taken up photography lately and have tried so hard making my photos look good. Then I came across your website with all these presets, after trying it out there’s no turning back. Now my photos look much better and I don’t have to spend so much time in front of my laptop. You’re the best. I’ll be using this preset a lot on my landscape photos.

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  2. Are you still looking for ideas for future presets?A while ago you mentioned you’d like to make a preset for underwater photos and you asked if anyone wanted to send in some underwater pix as guinea pigs.

    Well, I would love you guys to come up with an underwater preset so if you still need underwater images, please let me know and I can send you some RAW pix I just took in the Maldives. I am by no means a pro photographer but they would hopefully be good enough for you to use.

    Thanks again for a great site – I find the ongoing format of small, practical “get-it-done” tips invaluable for learning my way around Lightroom


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  3. This one is really good. I’ve played with all that you’ve published. This one I can see using on a regular basis. I tried it on some “cloudy day” pictures I took on the Oregon coast this weekend and it’s quite impressive (and a lot faster than working through all the adjustments myself). Thank you.

    Given how many of these you and others are publishing it might be interesting to hear your thoughts on how this fits in the workflow. Do I apply “Matt’s sharpening” and then “Matt’s Vividity” or…

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  4. To Mike, (about the Kingfisher)

    Thanks for the info and the link. It’s clearly a UK variety not found in the US. That explains why it wasn’t in any of my US bird guides.

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  5. Another great preset Matt! Thanks for all the work you put into these!

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  6. I think the “Vividity” presets work better with the color-balance tweaks removed.

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  7. Hm, After looking at the samples, it pushes the colors, but also decrease the dynamic range far to much.


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  8. I have just recently found this site and have fallen in love with your presets! They have made my editing much easier while I learn and hopefully become more proficient myself.


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  9. Nice preset Matt. As always, thanks for sharing.

    Hate to burst your bubble but “vividity” has already been “discovered”.

    I found it in a couple of online dictionaries (inclduing Miriam-Webster)

    There is also a Seattle-based band named Vividity that you can find on MySpace.


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  10. Hi Matt,

    Love your presets. The one I particularly enjoy is the SurealEdgy. A must have ! I tried one day to reproduce this effect on a jpg image in photoshop. Do you have any advice on where to start ?


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  11. Thanks Matt for another good set of presets.

    I applied to a couple of images that I thought were already “just right” and the presets made them “more right”. Or is that “even righter” ?

    In my former life I were an engineer and grammer and speling ain’t our specilty πŸ™‚

    For the guy who mentioned the Slide Rule in the Lr pull back post, I still have a circular slide rule along with my linear slide rule and actually remember how to use them.

    Thanks again

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  12. Powerfully effective in it’s subtlety. Add just the right amount of oomph for the job.

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  13. Great ones, as usual. Matt is the best resource ever for my workflow!
    Just received my “Layers” book also.
    Man, I thought I knew a lot about layers…

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  14. I like it Matt. Thanks a lot.

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  15. Hi Matt,

    Nice presets, thank you.
    I was watching your video on how to move folders and consolidate them however -and I am sure there are a few souls out there that have the same problem- how do I consolidate different catalogs into one and how do I consolidate all my pictures folders (that I have in a FEW places) into one folder. I also would want all my corrections to be preserved of course.

    I realize that it might be a problem but maybe it can be done in a few steps. Like you, and many others, I started in a certain way and changed it a few times before realizing that the best way would be to create on catalog and one photo folder.

    Thank you,

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  16. Matt,

    Wicked awesomely epic presets. I subscribed to the RSS feed for this site specifically for your presets.

    ciao // kent

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  17. These are excellent presets. Very useful. But readers should be aware that applying this preset changes the White Balance and the Blacks. I’m not sure why, or whether Matt intended this given that these setting are usually optimised and specific to each image. I think I’ll be saving this particular preset without the WB and Blacks changes.

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  18. Thank you very much Matt!!!!!!!!!
    Really great!

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  19. Hey Matt,

    Off-topic but, what’s the identification of the Kingfisher-like bird? I’m a birder and can’t quite figure this one out. Do you know its type and where it was photographed?


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  20. This is one of the best yet. Thanks, Matt!

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  21. Thanks once again Matt πŸ™‚

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  22. To quote Chris Orwig: Subtle yet significant! Great preset again Matt, thanks!

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