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It’s “Lightroom Shortcuts Friday!”

I did a short and sweet video for you with a bunch of really handy keyboard shortcuts that are all based on numbers. They’re really easy to learn and remember, but they can save a ton of time (and I’ll bet there’s a few in there that even really seasoned Lightroom pros might not know). You can check it out right below (and get ready for love….

Well, there ya go! Hope you picked up some helpful shortcuts there.

OK, we’re heading into this weekend, right – My Buccaneers beat the Cowboys in a season-opening nail biter, the Alabama Crimson Tide has what should be an easy out-of-conference game on Saturday, and all is right with the world (well, it will be after Bama wins, anyway. #rolltide).

Here’s wishing you a great weekend, and please come on back next week and we’ll catch up on some more fun Lightroom stuff.




  1. NotoriousRLS 11 September, 2021 at 16:24 Reply

    Shift-TAB will hide the same things as F5-8 temporarily so you see the image you’re working on.
    F will show your image full screened in Develop mode – no menu panels, hit it again to revert.

    The CTRL-ALT-UP_ARROW doesn’t move to previous modules for me on Windows 10 current Classic version – but I use the D to get to Develop mode and either E or G to get to Library.

    Good tips 🙂

    • NotoriousRLS 12 September, 2021 at 13:50 Reply

      May have found why that up-arrow shortcut to flip between modules didn’t work on Win10. The set of 4 arrow key shortcuts change the display of your screen – flips you horizontally or vertically based on which arrow – so if you try the up-arrow version, it’s just putting your screen in the normal orientation – which you won’t see a change….

  2. Craig 10 September, 2021 at 15:41 Reply

    It would be great if Adobe gave you a drop down list of recent “renaming” names so that you don’t have to keep retyping it (and possibly misspelling the name).

  3. Simone 10 September, 2021 at 05:57 Reply

    Thanks, amazingly helpful as always.

    Just a quick one: You can also set “Auto advance” with the keyboard (one annoying touch of the mouse less ;-)) Just press Capslock and it will set “Auto advance” on, and again to switch it off. You even got control over you setting that way because you see the light on the keyboard.

    • Rob Sylvan 10 September, 2021 at 09:47 Reply

      Another cool aspect of that shortcut is that if Auto Advance is enabled in the menu you can use Caps Lock (or just the Shift key) to disable Auto Advance if you have a situation where say you want to apply a flag and a star rating to a photo before it advances automatically. So, with menu enabled, hit Caps Lock or Shift and apply flag to pause advance, then disable Caps Lock or release Shift and hit the star rating to apply and auto advance to next.

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