FeaturedKeyboard Shortcuts

It’s “Lightroom Shortcuts Friday!”

I did a short and sweet video for you with a bunch of really handy keyboard shortcuts that are all based on numbers. They’re really easy to learn and remember, but they can save a ton of time (and I’ll bet there’s a few in there that even really seasoned Lightroom pros might not know). You can check it out right below (and get ready for love….

Well, there ya go! Hope you picked up some helpful shortcuts there.

OK, we’re heading into this weekend, right – My Buccaneers beat the Cowboys in a season-opening nail biter, the Alabama Crimson Tide has what should be an easy out-of-conference game on Saturday, and all is right with the world (well, it will be after Bama wins, anyway. #rolltide).

Here’s wishing you a great weekend, and please come on back next week and we’ll catch up on some more fun Lightroom stuff.