Lightroom Presets

It's an Easter Chocolate Hangover Preset Day

You guys probably thought I wasn’t going to make it today didn’t you (you have to read Friday’s post to know what I’m talking about). But I’m here, chocolate hangover and all. This preset is a little different from the rest since it’s an Identity Plate. These plates are basically ways to get custom graphics (and text) into Lightroom to use in the Web or Print modules. Well I’ve created a signature ID plate that I think is pretty cool and I wanted to share how I did it. Here’s a quick sample and the steps are right below.
Step 1) Create a new Photoshop document that is 8 x 2 inches at 300ppi. I made mine pretty large so it would work for all print sizes. You can always scale it down later.
Step 2) Download a script font. You can find a bunch on this website. However, here’s a direct link to the font I downloaded (it’s called Scriptina). Then install the font (I’m leaving it up to you to figure that part out).
Step 3) Now create a new type layer; select the script font from Step 2 and type your name. Then drop the opacity of the type layer to around 10-15%.
Step 4) Now create another type layer above the script one. This time pick a different and much more ordinary font (I chose Gil Sans Light). Then type your name again and leave the opacity at 100%. When you’re done it should look like this.
Step 5) Go to File > Save As. Save it as a JPEG file somewhere safe. Then, when you go into Lightroom, add this JPEG graphic as a custom Identity Plate (click here to see a previous video on how to do this). You can use it in the Print module or the Web module and it looks really neat.

Here’s a recap of the resources used and a sample:
Click here to see a sample of the ID Plate in action.
Website with script fonts
– My PSD file if you want to look at it. Note that the fonts are rastersized but you can still see the layer order and stuff.