I’m Giving Away a Platypod Ultra Today!

Well, I’m picking the winner today, and announcing the winner here tomorrow. All you have to do is leave a comment below (you can just say hi, or whatever), and you’re entered.

If you’re wondering “What’s a Platypod?” it’s an awesome camera support, like a tripod but without legs, so security guards don’t freak out when you use one (well, that’s one big benefit). It also allows you to easily put your camera in places where a tripod would fit, or if you just want a really interest low or high perspective. It’s made of aircraft-grade aluminum; it’s light and strong as heck, but it literally fits in your shirt pocket. These things have become a sensation, and I take mine everywhere!

You attach a ball-head, and you’re ready to shoot.
Here’s an example, taken in the Venice, Italy Opera House (where tripods are forbidden). Check out the low perspective (which hides the tourists sitting in chairs to the left on a guided tour).
Here’s my Platypod in the Vatican, where tripods are also forbidden and everybody’s trying to hand-hold shots in this amazing cathedral….well, except me. I’m getting super sharp longer exposures at 100 ISO.
Here’s the shot, taken with a 14mm super-wide angle lens.

Anyway, I hope you win!

This contest is open to everyone, everywhere (if you win, we’ll ship it wherever), so good luck to everybody! Leave a comment below and you’re entered. Hey, ya never know, right?

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you’ll drop by back tomorrow — I’ve got a Lightroom tip and I’m hoping to post a link to my shots from my trip to rural China. Have a great Thursday, everybody!


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