I’m Back From Tuscany. Well, Almost

Above: My co-instructor, Mimo Meidany, and me standing during a scouting trip before the workshop, standing out in the Tuscan dirt. There’s worse dirt to stand in. 

Greetings from the Atlanta airport (a delayed flight had me missing my connection back home last night from Boston, so I chose to come halfway home – my flight’s boarding in 20 minutes), but I’m back from my travel photography workshop in the gorgeous Tuscany region of Italy. Gorgeous doesn’t begin to describe it. 

I don’t have images to share yet (beyond that shot from Jason above) because we had one heck of a busy week, but man, was it a fantastic one! Great weather the entire time; had an absolutely wonderful group of people with me, took tons of images, had tons of laughs, and had some amazing food. From beginning to end, it was a pretty amazing experience all the way around. And Mimo: Mimo is the greatest. The. Greatest. 

Lots more to share, but we’re getting ready to board. Just wanted to let you know I’m back in the saddle, and I’ll be doing an Adobe Spark page on the trip very soon, and I’ll be sure to share it here. 

Looking forward to being home, seeing my wonderful family, the doggos, sleeping in my own bed, and seeing my friends and co-workers on The Grid this week. 🙂 

Have a kick-butt Monday!