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I Just Released A New Travel Photography Course on Editing Interiors in Lightroom & Photoshop

It’s Part 2 of two courses I filmed on location in Prague and this just-released Part 2 is all on the post-processing. I’m taking the images we shot on location in Part 1 and taking you through all the post-processing steps to take them to the final image. Check out the short official trailer below:

And here’s a direct link if you want to watch the course.

Also, there is (as I mentioned) a “Part 1” where I take you on location, right alongside me, where I show you all the camera techniques, gear, settings, and tips and tricks to help you make your best images ever inside palaces, cathedrals, libraries, opera houses, museums and stunning interiors like that. Here’s the trailer for Part 1 (below):

And here’s the link to that course.

You can buy either (or both) courses, or you can watch them as part of a KelbyOne Pro online membership, which includes on-demand streaming for nearly 900 full-length courses on every photography and post-processing topic you can imagine (tons of Lightroom courses. Tons!).

OK, that kicks off this Monday with some learning opportunities. Hope yours is a great one!


P.S. Thanks to everybody who came to my presentation in Salt Lake City last Friday, and thanks to the folks at Canon and Westcott who gave me the opportunity to meet so many of you. Such a great town, really great crowd, and Jens and the folks at Pictureline were just great. Thanks, everybody!