Once a month or so on The Grid (my weekly photography talk show, quickly approaching its 500th episode), we do an episode where we ask our viewers to submit an edited image of theirs, and I edit the photo from start to scratch like I’d do it using Lightroom and Photoshop. Here’s the most recent one, and I cued it up here so where it starts right when the editing starts (so it skips all the talkshow-stuff at the beginning of the show). Hope you find it helpful.

The Grid airs each Wednesday at 1:00 PM EDT at multiple locations, but I’d recommend viewing it over on my Facebook page – lots of comments and community happens around it there. We also give away lots of prizes every show. Hope you check it out.

The “Portrait Photography Conference” is next week!

If you sign up right now, not only will you save $150, but you can attend the orientation class the day before and my pre-conference workshop on “What makes a great portrait.”

Here’s the link for tickets, and I put the official conference trailer below (it’s short, and I hope you check it out). Looking forward to seeing everybody next week (Don’t miss out – this is going to be a phenomenal conference).

Have a great weekend, everybody. Safe safe. Stay cool! #GoBucs, #RollTide!