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How To Install The Lightroom App On Your Apple TV

Terry is back with another super helpful video – this is cooler than it sounds. Check it out:

Thanks, Terry!

On Monday; My list of what it would take to move me off Classic and onto LR ‘cloud’

Wow – so many great responses to this question on last Monday. Some listed things that actually are already in the cloud version (more on that later), but lots of super legit reasons, and I’ll share mine on Monday, so we’ll see you then. Have a great weekend. #GoBucs #Rolltide!




  1. Dudley Warner 5 November, 2023 at 07:05 Reply

    This is really helpful, and it will be great to show my photos on a larger screen than my Apple Studio Display. The issue will be signing into Lightroom using a 16 character password.

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