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How To Cancel Your Lightroom & Photoshop Photography Plan Subscription

The folks over at Digital Camera World in the UK (one of my favorite mags), did a piece on how to cancel your Adobe subscription, and I’m not posting here to get you to cancel (just the opposite). I’m posting it here because there are still a few folks still desperately clinging onto the hope that Adobe is going to go back and sell copies of Photoshop (it was $800) and Lightroom (it was $150, so nearly $1,000 for the two of them) again. By the way, they’re not.

But, if those folks see that you actually can cancel, maybe they’ll finally get over their fear or whatever, and start using the latest versions of this software for just under half of what my daughter’s drive through chicken finger dinner (and my wife’s frozen custard dessert) cost me last night at Culver’s fast food restaurant.

It’s been eight years people. It ain’t coming back, and you wouldn’t write nearly a $1,000 check if they did suddenly make them available (they’re not). And, by the way – Adobe hasn’t raised the price once since they introduced that Photographer’s plan, but everything else – everything – is more expensive today than it was eight years ago, except for that plan. High-five to Adobe.

Anyway, if you’re somehow still on the fence, check out this article, which takes you through the process, and highlights the good and the bad stuff as well.

Here’s the link.

OK, let’s get to use those awesome new masking features in the new update. They are a game changer!

Have a good one!


P.S. Today over on scottkelby.com I posted Terry White’s webcast where he goes over all the new features in the latest Lightroom update. Really good stuff – so worth checking it out (I embedded it right on the blog, so you can watch it right there). Here’s the link.