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Here’s How to Get Up and Running Fast Using Lightroom Mobile

OK, technically it’s “Lightroom on your Mobile device” but you know what I meant, right? Right! Before we get to that, just want to apologize for being AWOL this week. I had some big projects at home that kept me absolutely underwater swamped all week. I did sneak away for a “Blind Photo Critiques” episode of the Grid with guest Paul “The Koberman” Kober (that’s it below),

…and on Monday I did a location portrait of a ballerina in a classic theater using two Profoto B1x’s and a Profoto D1. It’s an intermediate level course on lighting, and it’ll be coming out in just a few weeks on KelbyOne (more details when it launches). Here’s a Behind The Scenes shot and one of the finals from the shoot below (we did six shoots in all — but we started here in the dressing room. Quite a challenging location — mirrors all over, low solid black ceiling, small confined space, but we got there:

But for today, I’ve got a really fantastic video from Terry White on getting up and running with Lightroom on your mobile device, and if you’ve inch to start using Lightroom on the go, you will LOVE this! I’ve embedded it below — it part of Terry’s new weekly photography master class live-streamed podcast.

Seriously, ya gotta love that guy! Thanks, Terry!

Come Down to Florida This May and Be a Part of my Hands-on Flash Photography Workshop

All the details and a trailer for the workshop are over on my blog today (here’s the link), or you can jump right to the workshop sign-up page if you want to grab one of the last spots (it’s limited to just 15 photographers total). Hope I’ll be seeing you there (I’ve got an incredible workshop planned from start to finish).

Have a great weekend everybody, and I’ll be back on my regularly scheduled blog-a-roonie schedule next week, so head on back by then. 🙂