Greetings from England and “The Photography Show”

It’s morning here at The Photography Show in Birmingham, England (an absolutely fantastic event – huge, too. Way larger than any US photography expo or convention). It’s my last day of presenting, and I’m pretty trashed (which is unfortunate because today is my busiest day speaking and book signing-wise, but never fear, I shall rally and rise to the challenge, bolstered no doubt by the yummy burger I’m having for lunch at Gourmet Burger Kitchen with my friend Richard).

I got to shoot a Premiership Rugby League Match on Friday

My dear friend Claire Jones (whom I refer to as “Lady St. Claire”) is the team photographer for the Northampton Saints in the Premiership Rubgy league, and that’s her above posing with some of her images. She got me sideline (not sure if that’s quite the word. Side Pitch?) credentials to shoot the game alongside her. If you watch “The Grid,” you’ve heard me talk about her work (she is one of the top Rugby photographers on the planet), but getting to see her shoot a game in person was really something to see. She is a legend behind that lens and an absolute gem of a person as well, and I had an amazing night. I also managed to take some of the worst rugby photos ever captured.

The first half was a disaster for me shooting-wise, the 2nd half less so, but still. Ack. That is one fast-paced game – kind of a combination of American football and Hockey in one game. Absolutely love the game, though (I am now a rugby fan, and yes, I bought my Saints ballcap and jacket). What an incredible atmosphere to shoot in. I loved every minute of it, even though my shots are trash. I’ll do better next time (I learned a lot). Thanks, Lady St. Claire, for a day I’ll never forget!

One of my highlights from The Photography Show

Yesterday, I did a book signing at the Rocky Book bookstore at the show (thanks to everybody who came out—the line was literally an hour long). What was cool was the gentleman you see me posing with here. We critiqued his incredible aviation photos last week on “The Grid” during the blind photo critiques, and we were raving about his work. Then, I got to meet him in person at the book signing. He’s a super cool guy and such a great aviation photographer. That was a real treat for me.

Above: I met so many nice photographers at my Rocky Nook book signing. It’s great to meet the people who read your books—it really is a treat and a great privilege. I met lots of fans of “The Grid” too, which was really cool, too!

Then I met these two Hooligans

That’s KelbyOne Instructor Dave Clayton (L) and Cantankerous British Guy Peter Treadway, eating what I can only imagine is some sort of prison food (looks scarily like Portugese Stew). Anyway, if you see them at the show, steer clear. They are trouble (and probably have some level of nausea from that breakfast, which includes Black Pudding, which trust me, is not pudding. Its contents are the stuff of horror movies).

Okay, I have to head over to GBK here shortly, and then to the show for an action-packed day, concluding with a short presentation at Adobe’s reception this evening, and then off to bed, as I’m heading back home crazy early in the morning, due to my poor travel research and logistics.

We are all set for tomorrow’s “Lightroom Tip Tuesday,” so I hope you’ll stop back by then. Cheers, and have an awesome morning without black pudding!

New Rugby Fan