Here is a quick tip for you to make your workflow just a touch easier.

When you are in the Develop Module if you find yourself scrolling through the panels a lot, you might want to try going solo.


Default setting leaves all panels open

Right Click on any of the panels tabs such as Basic and choose Solo Mode from the drop down menu.


right click on any Develop panel and choose Solo Mode


Now when you click on any panel, all the other panels will be shut so that you will do less scrolling and more editing. A simple tip but one that makes a lot of folks happy when they realize how much scrolling they usually do. Oh, and while you are at it… when that menu to turn on Solo Mode is showing, go ahead and uncheck any panels that you almost never use… for instance Split toning… it is a good panel but I only use it on occasion. Unchecking it will make it disappear and I can always pull up the menu and check it to bring it back.


It doesn’t seem like much, but any parts that you can streamline make incremental differences in your time… so try it and see if fits your workflow.



  1. Brian Rodgers Jr. 6 March, 2015 at 10:37 Reply

    I would like to ad a tip to the solo mode tip. Once you have LR set to solo mode in the Develop Module, you can then use keyboard shortcuts to get through those panels even quicker.

    Simply press:
    Command+1 for the Basic Panel
    Command+2 for the Tone Curve Panel
    Command+3 for the HSL Panel
    Command+4 for the Split Toning Panel
    Command+5 for the Detail Panel

    And so on. You get the picture. Very helpful, I use it everyday in my LR workflow

  2. Egidio Leitao 4 March, 2015 at 16:31 Reply

    Awesome! That is one of those magic tricks that will make scrolling almost non-existent for me. There are some panels I seldom or never use. I’ll uncheck them. Thanks for the tip!

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