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Get Up To Speed Fast On All The Stuff Adobe Added to Lightroom In The Past 18 Months

It’s a lot more than you’d think (even I was surprised, and there were even a features that snuck by me, which of course I included in the class). Anyway, there’s so much they added, to Classic, Lightroom (cloud), and Mobile that I wanted to cover as much of it as I could to get you up to speed fast.

This online course was released late last week so I wanted to make sure you knew about it, and had a chance to watch it before Adobe adds even more stuff (it’s a lot of keep up with).

Here’s a link to the course.

When you see how many things they’ve added, you’ll be impressed (heck, the Texture slider alone was enough for me. I would have paid separately just for that feature). Anyway, if you’ve got some down time this week (about 90 minutes) you could unlock the keys to a lot of cool stuff.

Here’s to what could be a very cool week!