Lightroom Tips

Friday Tip – Scroll Wheel Friendly

Happy Friday everyone. I hope you’re all having a great holiday season. My kids are just about coming out of their skin waiting for Santa to come and it’s just a great time of year to be a dad. Anyway, on to some Lightroom stuff. Check this out! If your mouse has a scroll wheel you’ll like this tip. You know those target adjustment tools (TAT for short) that we get with the Tone Curve as well as the HSL/Grayscale panel? If not, just look at the graphic on the left of this tip and it’s circled. Well, when you hover over a point on your image you usually think of clicking and dragging to use the TAT. Instead, try using your scroll wheel on your mouse. It’s just a little easier. Plus, I use the scroll wheel all the time when I’m in the Develop module and I want to scroll down past one panel to get to another one. Finally, if your scroll wheel has a left-to-right scrolling ability then try that when you’re down over the filmstrip at the bottom. The only trick is you’ve got to make sure you put your mouse cursor over that general area. Have a great Christmas weekend everyone. Mine will be chocked full of last minute trips to the mall (God help me!) and the grocery store. But it’s all good right? 🙂