Hey there. Hope your Friday is going well. Here’s a few things to check out while you’re surfing around.

• Nik Software has announced Silver Efex Pro 2 – an update to it’s award-winning kick butt Black and White plug-in.

• I just finished watching Jeremy Cowart’s new LifeFinder DVD. What a perfect combination of inspiration and instruction. You get to see everything from his thoughts on photography, how he goes about business and the creative side of his work, as well as full shoots so you can see it all in action.

• I’ll be taking the Lightroom 2 Live Tour to Houston on March 9th. Make sure you snag a seat now. Also, I’m teaching the Photoshop CS5 for Photographers Tour in Covington, KY next Friday (Jan 28th) and in Austin, TX the following Friday (Feb 4). There’s still room so sign up over at Kelby Training Live.

• Scott and I just recorded our latest episode of DTown TV. It’ll be up next week (sorry it’s late but there were a few projects that had to get done first). Also, Photoshop User TV has been back for a few weeks now so make sure you stop and watch that one too.

• And now for the tip: If you’re in the Develop module and you want to see a quick Before/After view of your photo, just press the Y key. This shows you the before and after side-by-side. Then press Y again to get back to your regular Loupe view. Now, if you want to see a full screen Before/After try pressing the (backslash) key. The view will change to your Before image (no side by side comparison). Then press to get back to the After view.

Have a great weekend!