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First Thoughts on Eye-Fi Wireless SD Cards

Hey folks. I created a quick 4 minute video for you on my first thoughts on the Eye-Fi wireless SD cards. I’ve had some people ask me how it would work when it comes to shooting tethered in Lightroom so I thought I’d give a quick demo of it. In a nutshell, the “pros” are that I think the technology is way cool. This can seriously change things for a lot of photographers out there who want to show off their photos right away or in any situation where being first is key. Plus, for families its just cool and fun. “Cons” – there’s no CF card. Its only SD. It works fine in my Nikon D5000, which I’ve been using a lot, and all of my point-and-shoots, but won’t work for my D300. Anyway, hope you enjoy.

Click here to download the video to your computer. [Right-click and choose the “Save As” option]