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February Update for Lightroom Classic, Lightroom, and Camera Raw

This month Adobe released an update for its Lightroom family of products. Open up the Adobe Creative Cloud application manager to check and see if you need to update.

While there are no amazing new features in this update, there are always bug fixes, support for new cameras (like the Canon EOS R8 and R50), and support for new lenses, so I recommend keeping your software up to date. I am not aware of any new issues created by this update. 🙂

What’s New?

In Lightroom Classic, we’ve always had the ability to export a .txt file containing our keywords in a tab delimited list, but with this update we can now export our keyword list into a .csv file that also contains info about they keywords.

Additionally, in the Map module there is now a checkbox in the Toolbar to Show More Labels, like you would see if you were looking at a Google Map online or in an app. Uncheck the box if you find the labels distracting for the work you are doing.

Additionally, tethering for supported cameras should now be working on Mac’s Ventura OS. Here’s Adobe’s updated list of what’s new in LrC for more detail.

A very welcome update in Lr for iOS and Android is that fact that we don’t have to tap Done after every single healing action. The healing brush is only available to those with the paid Lr subscription.

For Lr on Android, support for adaptive presets containing Portrait masks has been added. Check out Adobe’s update list of what’s new in Lr for more.