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Don’t Buy The Wrong Version of Lightroom…

Hi Gang, and happy Friday.

Above – that’s a short video I recorded after a photographer at my New York seminar last week came up and asked me a question about switching from Elements to Lightroom and he told me he had figured out which version of Lightroom to buy, and he asked me if I agreed with his logic.

I gave him a perspective he told me he had never considered, and then just today I got an email question from a photographer who already made that decision (he actually sent the question to me via Shutterbug magazine for my “Ask a Pro” Q&A column in each issue), and his question proved my point.

I don’t want you, or someone you know, to wind up buying the wrong version, so I made this short little video (2 min, 33 seconds) you can share.

Hope you find it helpful, and here’s wishing you a fantastic weekend! 🙂



P.S. If you’re into outdoor photography, check out this short little tutorial clip from Dave Black’s new online on creating Light-paintings while including the stars and the Milky Way. It definitely takes things up a notch. So cool! Here’s the link.