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Dear Adobe, Please Add This Amazing Power Line Removal Feature to Lightroom

OK, Lightroom Team — it’s hero time. Short story — my wife, our daughter and me are in Norway (still are by the way), and we’re shooting this charming little church with a Fjord behind it, but there are these big nasty powerlines in front of it. My wife (shooting with her iPhone says), “I’ll take those out in two seconds using this app on my phone.” I thought she was exaggerating, but she showed me how it works (see the video below), and then she says, “Lightroom can do that, right?” And I’m like, “Well, you can remove them manually, but not like that.” You just tap on the line — it senses where the entire line is; selects it and removes it, all in one tap. Come on that is awesome! 

BTW: The whole app is just $1.99. It’s called Touch Retouch.

Yes, it has a healing brush to remove lines and stuff manually, but it’s more like the awesome one in Photoshop (and less like the “not nearly as awesome” spot removal tool in Lightroom).

Watch this super-short video below to see how awesome this $1.99 app is:

So…. dear Lightroom Team, can we have this feature? It would be awesome! One tap — boom — it’s gone.

I know, I know, there are still other features that we need, but can you at least add this one to the list. 🙂

OK, here’s to a great week, where you stay far away from Polar Bears and other scary stuff! 🙂


-Scott “The Nordic Viking Guy” Kelby

P.S. This Friday I’ll be giving the keynote at the Out of Chicago Conference, and I’m pretty psyched about it. Heard so many great things about the conference, and I’m delighted they asked me to speak there this week. Looking forward to meeting some of you there. If you’re not going – you can still go! 🙂