It’s a new week; here’s a new tutorial. This is one I get asked about, so I thought I’d cover it here. In this first part, I’m talking about how to set and shoot the HDR pano, then we combine it (quickly) in Lightroom. Then, on Wednesday, I’m going to take the HDR Pano we create in this tutorial and I’ll do the post processing stuff that comes next (that one’s quite a big longer, but it covers a bunch more stuff). But, it all starts here, so let’s do it!

Above: If you’re thinking the HDR Pano in that thumbnail looks kinda “meh,” it’s because we haven’t done any post processing yet (that comes on Wednesday, and of course tomorrow is Lightroom Coffee Break (short 60-second tip videos from Adobe’s own Benjamin Warde), so we’ll see you here for that first.

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Hope this helps get your week off right!