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How to Create a Beautiful Custom Wedding Book Page Print Layout

Happy Wednesday everybody. I think I’ve got a really good one for ya today (and a free downloadable print template for you, too).  It’s how to create a custom print layout that you can use in a Wedding Album (heck, you could use it for anything I imagine, but I was inspired by seeing this layout in an Australian Wedding magazine).

It’s quick and easy, and I show you how it’s done – all from scratch, and I also have a link below where you can download a print template I made of the layout (just to save you some time, but you should still watch the video, if for nothing more than to see how to install the template).

Hope you found that helpful.

Here’s the link to download the free Print Template I made just for you!

Check out our new Hacker Set today at 4pm
Today we reveal the all-new “underground hacker theme” set for “The Grid” (our live weekly photography show). Very excited to show it to you all today – an all new look, new bigger studio, new set, new graphics, new mics, new everything! Rick Sammon is my guest and we’re doing Blind Photo Critiques, too! It’s going to be (wait for it…wait for it…) epic!

Have an ‘epic Wednesday’ and hope to see you live on the air today at 4pm.



P.S. Don’t forget — you can save Print layouts as individual JPEG files. You do that in the Print Job panel at the bottom of the Right Side panels — from the ‘Print to’ pop-up menu choose JPEG file.