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Check Out: “How to Organize & Backup Your Images When You Travel”

So many Lightroom Classic users have this question that I created an entire course, shot on location in Portugal, on how to do just that. I cover all those “most-asked” questions, and a lot of folks tell me they’ve found this course super helpful. You don’t have to be a KelbyOne member to watch it – you can buy just this course by itself. First, check out the trailer below, and then here’s the link to the full-length course.

On Thursday, I’m creating a brand new course just on Importing for Lightroom Classic users. It should be out in just a few weeks, but again – this is a topic I get asked about a lot, and I had recorded a course previously on this, but it’s time for an update using the latest version, so that’s what’s up next.

My Budapest Workshop is Sold Out!

It sold out in just one day, and it’s going to be awesome! (everybody going is a photographer who has been to one of my previous workshops, which is so fun – it’s like a family reunion). Iceland with Erik Kuna and me, the Lofoten Islands with Dave Williams, and one more with Mimo this fall are all still coming up. More on those as we get closer (though Iceland will be open for tickets soon).

I hope y’all have a kick-butt Monday. The Bucs have a Playoff game tonight, so….well…we’ll see how it goes. hey, ya never know, right?