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Calling All Photo Walk Leaders: My 13th Annual World Wide Photo Walk is Back In Person! 

We are back, and I am so excited to be walking in person with a group once again (I’ll be leading a walk in Edinburgh, Scotland – sign-ups will be open for my walk by tonight). 🙂

However, we need to get all our photo walk leaders on board and cities selected for walks – check out the video below for all the details, planning, etc., and how to lead a walk in your city. (If you’ve led one of our photo walks in the past, check your email for your invite to lead another walk this year in person).

The official walk is only a month away, so let’s get to get work, lock down those cities, and we’ll talk more shortly about the walk itself, prizes, all that stuff, but the big news is – it’s back, and it’s going to be a blast! Hope you can lead a walk near you (here’s the link to apply to be a walk leader).

Have a great Monday, everybody!


P.S. Thanks to the NECCC for putting together such an outstanding photography conference this past weekend and to everyone who came out to one of my classes. I had a fantastic time, made some new friends, got to spend time with some old friends, and had a wonderful experience all the way around. What a very special event they’re created – hope it lives on for many years to come.