Hi y’all. It’s Tuesday, and Benjamin Warde has a quick little 60-second (or less) video on why Auto Hiding pins can be awesome when you’re working with the Adjustment Brush.

Not too shabby, eh? 🙂

Hope you found that helpful, and we’ll catch ya back here tomorrow (well, that’s the plan, so stick to the plan). 😉





    • Reid 28 March, 2017 at 09:38 Reply

      Just know that the keyboard shortcut T doesn’t stand for Toolbar, it stands for Torture.

      Years ago, I inadvertently hit the T key and made the toolbar disappear. Thinking there was a problem with the program, I shut it down and started it up. Still no Toolbar. Thinking that the program was corrupted, I reinstalled Lightroom. Still no Toolbar. I finally did some research on the Internet, came across a forum posed the question about a missing Toolbar, and was told to hit the T key and it magically came back. Such a stupid shortcut, giving a negligible increase in real estate but a much bigger increase in headaches.

      Now, when I teach Lightroom, it’s one of the first things I mention about the insidious Toolbar which is found in multiple tools throughout the program.


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