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Another Hidden New Lightroom Feature: Favorite Folder Search

Happy, Friday everybody!

Those of you that come here often, or have been to my live seminars, already know that I recommend a ‘collection-based’ workflow, but I also know a lot of you started with, and are still using a Folder panel based workflow. This tip is for those folks. It’s a new feature that Adobe added back in February in the Lightroom Classic 7.2 update, but it kind of slid in under the radar, so I wanted to make sure folks with a Folder-based workflow would know it was there, ’cause it can be really useful.

The ability to do a Text search for Folders in the Folder Panel, but…
…beyond that, you can also tag Folders you use a lot as “Favorites” and Filter your text search to just your Favorites. Here’s how:

STEP ONE: Go to the Folders panel; right-click (Mac: Ctrl-click) on any folder you use often, and choose Mark Favorite from the pop-up menu (as shown here).

STEP TWO: At the top of the Folders panel, right below the title bar, you’ll now find a text field where you can do a text search for Folders — it’s just the one that has been in Collections for a while now). By default, it will search all your folders, but if you click on the magnifying glass icon to the left of the text search field, a menu will pop up where you can choose to just search Favorite Folders (as seen above).

Above: Notice how the search field is narrowed when you choose “Favorite Folders.” Now the list of folders you’re searching through is very small — just those folders you marked as favorite.

NOTE: When you mark a folder as a favorite, Lightroom adds a little star to the bottom right corner of the folder icon (seen above).

Hope you found that helpful.

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Have a nice weekend, ya’ll. 🙂