Advanced Lightroom Masking Tips

It’s Friday – time for another awesome video from Terry White – this one is on the new advanced masking tools in Lightroom, and there’s a lot of great info in this short video, especially if you’re new to these masking features (it’s less than 6 minutes from start to finish). Give it a look below:

Thanks, Terry – awesome stuff (as usual). 🙂

OK, ready to take those videos you shot with your DSLR or Mirrorless and make movies from them in Lightroom?

You can watch this course for free this weekend, and you are going to be shocked when you see what you can do with video right inside of Lightroom (it seriously is so much more powerful than you’d think), and you can take all those videos you’ve been meaning to make into movies (perfect for the holidays), and it’s all way easier than you’d think. Check out the trailer for my course below:

Here’s a direct link to the course (again, it’s free – normally a course is $29 or available as part of a KelbyOne membership, but right now….FREE!). 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend, and we’ll catch you on Monday before I head off to holiday land. 🙂