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Adding Photos to a Target Collection

Hi Gang – hope you had an awesome Memorial Day (and a big shoutout today to Mr. Terry White, who is celebrating his birthday today!). 🙂

Hey, before we get into Ben Warde’s 60-second Lightroom tip on adding photos to a target collection – just want to invite you to my FREE webinar tomorrow for beginner photographers. It’s called “Beginner’s Breakthrough” and if you know somebody new to photography and they want to kick their images up a big notch, I think I have some things that will really help get immediate results.

If you could share this link with them, I would much appreciate it. Tell them they won’t be alone – thousands of photographers from all over have already signed-up to be there tomorrow – it’s going to a lot of fun (and hopefully lots of “ah-ha” moments).

Now, on to Ben’s Lightroom Coffee Break tip:

Thanks, Benjamin — very handy stuff (I use target collections when shooting tethered into Lightroom and I want to share certain images with my client who is on the set holding my iPad with Lightroom Mobile on it). 🙂

Here’s wishing you a great Tuesday, and hope to see you tomorrow for my Beginner’s Breakthrough free webinar.



P.S. Adobe released a little maintenance update to Lightroom last week, squashing a few bugs, and adding support for coupla new cameras. Details here.