Here’s a few Lightroom related links and news, and a Lightroom tip at the bottom. Have a great weekend!

• Here’s a very clever Lightroom plug-in from Ariana Falerni that allows you to preview what your photos will look like on the wall of a home (make sure you watch the video). Way cool!

• The folks over at Dell are picking up the tab for a free Zinio issue of the 100 Hot Tips issue of Photoshop User Magazine. Click here to get it.

• Timothy Armes has recently released a pretty major update to his Web Site Publisher Pro plugins.

• And a quick tip with the Crop tool: When you’re in the Develop module, you’ll always see that there’s the Histogram panel at the top right side of the Lightroom window. Well, the histogram always changes as you make adjustments to your photos. But, did you know that if you crop your photo with the Crop Tool (press R as a shortcut to get to it) that the histogram will update as you make adjustments to the crop area? Give it a try. As you move your crop area you’ll see the histogram continually update to reflect only the photo inside the crop.