10 Things I Would Tell New Lightroom Users: #5

It’s Tuesday and I’m back from yesterday’s quick in/out trip to Imaging USA in Nashville (shout out to everybody who came by that reads LR Killer Tips here). Today, we’re here with #5 of my 10-part series. Just a friendly reminder: if you missed, didn’t read or forgot my official disclaimer for this series posted at the beginning of #1, please give it a quick read, so we all stay on the same page. Here we go with #5:


#5: Throw Away Your Old Catalog Backups

If you back up your Lightroom catalog on a regular basis (once a day or maybe once a week), before long, you’re going to have a whole bunch of backups stored on your computer, eating up a lot of space on your hard disk. These old backups are pretty useless at this point; after all, if your catalog got messed up, and you had to restore to a previous catalog backup, you’d want to choose the most recent one, right? Or, would you want to choose one from seven months ago — ya know, one that’s missing everything you’ve done in Lightroom in the past seven months? Exactly. Those older ones are doin’ nothing but chowing down on your hard drive space, so let’s bounce’ em.

Go to your backups folder and delete the ones that are more than a couple of weeks old and free up all that extra space.


Also, if you already back up your entire computer on a regular basis (like to the Cloud, or a wireless hard drive like Time Capsule, or Crash Plan, or whatever), you might not need to back up your catalog at all because you’ve already got a recent backup in those places that you can go to if your catalog gets corrupted. Just sayin’.

OK, that’s a pretty low intensity one for #5, eh?

Pete is here tomorrow with his latest Lightroom adventures, and then RC will back on Thursday. I’ll be picking back up with my series on Friday with #6 in my 10-part series.

One more thing
RC and I had planned to tape our first episode of  “The Lightroom Show” a week ago Friday, but we ran into some timing and travel issues, and well…it didn’t get taped. It looks like we’re scheduled to tape the first episode next week so it won’t be long now, but I just wanted to: (a) give you all an update on where we’re at, and (b) thank you for your patience. Everybody’s been really cool about it and that’s much appreciated.

Thanks and hope to see you here tomorrow for Pete’s post.