Your Burning Lightroom 4 Questions Answered From Adobe

I just saw a post over on Adobe’s blog where product manager Sharad Mangalick, answered a bunch of Lightroom 4 questions. Everything from catalogs, to video, new features, you name it. Below is one question I pulled directly from the page because I’ve been asked quite a bit too, but there’s lots more in the full article.

@luxx11 and @jennawoodward Ask: @Lightroom why can’t I use my LR3 catalogs in LR4? Is there a way to easily transfer my Lr3 catalogue into Lr4?

Sharad: Since Lightroom 4 is still in beta form, we restricted the ability to bring in catalogs created in earlier versions of Lightroom as a safeguard. This will be lifted when we release the final version of Lightroom 4, and you will be able to import prior version Lightroom catalogs, as well as Lightroom 4 Beta catalogs into Lightroom 4.

It’s definitely worth a read. Here’s the link if you get a chance to stop by today.


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  1. Matt,
    can i combine photos into one single photo using adobe lightroom 4 ?

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  2. When bringing new images into Lightroom, I’m not getting the images but I’m getting grey boxes in places of the images.

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  3. Matt, can I divide my huge catalog of 50,000+ images into multiple other catalogs? How can I do that without losing anything?

    Thanks for any clues.


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