Here’s a few things worth checking out as you surf around the web today.

First a couple of “me” things:
• I just turned my new portfolio website live over at

• A good friend of NAPP (Firgs) has an interview with me posted on her website (lots of other NAPP interviews as well).

• Finally, in other “me” news, I’ve been asked quite a bit about my twittering. So here’s the deal: I’m not much of a “here’s what I’m doing” twitterer. Honestly, I turn off my email and web browser most of the day so I can just get work done. However, I realize that twitter does have it’s place. So, for me, I’m using it to just let people know what content I produce. I have something new just about every day (Photoshop User TV, DTown TV, PS Killer Tips, etc…). So that’s what I twitter about. If you want to keep up with it you can follow me here. Thanks 🙂

Enough about me already!

• Fellow Lightroom Guru and Wedding Pro, David Ziser has a Free webinar coming up on March 3. It’s all geared around his new book “Captured By the Light” (awesome book by the way).

• Jeff Revell (of PhotoWalkPro fame and avid tree shooter) released his own Lightroom Holga Preset. You can read more about it here.

• Sean McCormack has a cool video tip on fixing a weak catchlight in Lightroom.

• Makers of my favorite lens bag, Boda, have just released a new version of their bag – the Boda V3.

• One more thing. I’m teaching at Photoshop World in March. If you’re thinking of going, the early bird special to save $100 ends this weekend so sign up soon if you’re going. Also, check out the new Photoshop World iPhone app and review by the

Have a great Wednesday!