Here’s a few news items and links for the day:

• Lightroom 3.3 and Camera Raw 6.3 are now available. It’s mostly a camera update, lens profile update and a few bug fixes. I actually haven’t updated yet but I haven’t heard any issues since it was released.

• Don’t forget that I post a lot of Lightroom (and non-Lightroom) stuff over on my Facebook page. Just click “Like” to follow.

• Timothy Armes has released Impact WSPP gallery for Lightroom (a easy solution this for creating web site from Lightroom).

• Tim’s been busy lately. He’s also released Filmstrip WSPP. This one is designed for those looking for a horizontal scrolling gallery.

• We did our first ever NAPP-a-Thon last night. Three whole hours of training mixed with some funny videos from NAPP HQ. We’re rebroadcasting all day and the NAPP deal is (and you can still win some prizes), so check it out over here.

• Here’s a funny photo from my friend RC. By the way, I just finished signing every single one of my Layers books. So if you’ve ordered one from us (NAPP or Kelby Media Group), it’s on its way (if it’s not there already). By all means, I’m always interested in your feedback so if you have a copy, let me know.