Here’s a few news items and links for the day:

• Lightroom 3.3 and Camera Raw 6.3 are now available. It’s mostly a camera update, lens profile update and a few bug fixes. I actually haven’t updated yet but I haven’t heard any issues since it was released.

• Don’t forget that I post a lot of Lightroom (and non-Lightroom) stuff over on my Facebook page. Just click “Like” to follow.

• Timothy Armes has released Impact WSPP gallery for Lightroom (a easy solution this for creating web site from Lightroom).

• Tim’s been busy lately. He’s also released Filmstrip WSPP. This one is designed for those looking for a horizontal scrolling gallery.

• We did our first ever NAPP-a-Thon last night. Three whole hours of training mixed with some funny videos from NAPP HQ. We’re rebroadcasting all day and the NAPP deal is (and you can still win some prizes), so check it out over here.

• Here’s a funny photo from my friend RC. By the way, I just finished signing every single one of my Layers books. So if you’ve ordered one from us (NAPP or Kelby Media Group), it’s on its way (if it’s not there already). By all means, I’m always interested in your feedback so if you have a copy, let me know.


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  1. could you please replace enable download application, so that we can download the videos for future references please. I find you tips very helpfull but it is hard to remender them, but I could have went back to the downloads and play them to refresh memory

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  2. Great tip Matt, can you tell us what font you used for the Happy Holidays? I’m looking for a good holiday font.

    Cheers, Jack

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  3. Matt, Like the video….but I have to ask as I’ve seen it before and I am very curios. In your videos under print module, you have “PAGE SETUP” and “PRINT SETTINGS” at the bottom of the left panel, where I only have “PRINT SETTINGS” ????

    Is there a reason for this ?
    Cheers and hurry down the Australia and give us some lessons 🙂
    After all, Oprah loved it !!

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  4. Matt,
    Thanks for sharing the link to Timothy Armes site. This looks like an excellent way to update my website.
    I got my signed book and have learned a bunch of new stuff already.
    Thanks for a great job!!

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  5. Hi Matt,

    didn’t have a close look at it now but maybe during the holiday! thx for sining! it even arrived in Austria 🙂


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  6. what happen to be able to download the videos. There are times when you put video tips on site I use to be able to download and save the videos for future references and I enjoyed teaching my self the tips from the videos some times its difficult to remenber the tips and I could have went back to the downloads videos. Could you please enable the downloads save videos function.,

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  7. I just received my book but it was unsigned…..:(

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  8. Matt – A couple of comments. Congrats on your successful belt exam last night…loved the video. The NAPP-A-Thon was a blast! I learned some things and had fun. It was like a long Midnight Madness with the addition of NAPP plugs. Any plans for a future Photoshop cruise (like last year’s)?

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  9. Got my book yesterday, Matt. Thanks for signing! What a mountainous job… 🙂

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  10. Matt:

    Thanks for the links to Timothy’s site. Very interesting plug-in and not too expensive(about $35 in US dollars). I may wind up purchasing this after checking out the trial version.

    The NAPP-a-thon was really a lot of fun. I couldn’t see it live, as I had to go to my camera club meeting, but I stayed up until 1:30 AM watching the first re-broadcast. Hope it brings in a lot more members, as the membership is really worth it. So many benefits.

    LOL at the RC picture! Only way it would have been better was to have your signing hand in a cast or sling. I hope all the signing doesn’t dissuade you from writing again! 😀


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