Lightroom Tips

Weekly Worth-a-click

Hi everyone. Hope you’re having a great week so far. Here’s a few links that are worth a click:

• A blog reader from last week pointed out that Adobe is offering a 30% discount on Lightroom 2 if you upgrade with Photoshop CS4. Throw in another 15% if you’re a NAPP member and the total cost of upgrading to both is $238. Not too much help if you already bought LR2 but if not, now ain’t a bad time to do it. Here’s a screen capture of my shopping cart. The one trick is that you’ve actually got to add both to the cart to see the discount as I found it very convoluted to get details. But sure enough, when both items were in the cart I saw the reduced price.

• HDRSoft (makers of the HDR software, Photomatix) has a beta of Photomatix 3.1 out.

• The makers of the SlideshowPro Lightroom Web module plug-in (the best interactive web galleries around in my opinion) have released a few updates in the past month or so. Make sure you check out their site.

• The strobist jet pack. Clever or dorky? A little of both probably but you decide.