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Weekly Update – Contest, HDR, and Inspiration

Hi everyone! I wanted to start the week by tying up a few loose ends from last week. So here goes:

1) First off, the contest. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who watched the video. Apparently you guys like these casual videos so hopefully we’ll be able to get more of them up. Now… the moment you’ve all been waiting for… the winner of the book IS…… Chris Kocher from Thanks to everyone for participating.

2) Our HDR crusade from earlier this week was indeed heard. I heard from the folks over at HDRsoft this morning and they did read all of your comments. It seemed very well received but it was difficult for them to give me a definite answer. From what I can gather, they’re very far along the development process of the 3.1 version of the product. I can totally relate to that. Having been in the software business some years ago, we always had to put a “enough is enough” final date on adding new things to the software. I hadn’t realized they were so far into the development cycle for version 3.1, but they are. They also let me know that it is definitely something that is well on their radar and thanked all of the contributors here for making them aware of this feature’s importance.

So, here’s my take is this. When version 3.1 ships you’ll either, a) See a blog post from me celebrating the automatic re-import of the HDR processed file or most likely, b) See a video from me having to explain the process of re-importing the processed HDR file once you’re done with Photomatix and getting it into the same folder, etc. Hey… I can’t complain – it’s job security right? 🙂

3) Start your week off with some inspiration. First, check out Red Leaf Studios photography. Mostly wedding and portrait stuff but I’m really digging the use of natural light.
Also, I’m heading off to Bar Harbor, Maine on Wednesday this week to teach my GAPW workshop. As I always do, I did some research on places to shoot and came across this photography portfolio by Greg Hartford. There’s some very nice stuff and if you look closely enough, I’m pretty sure there’s a decent amount of HDR processing going on (subtle though, not the surreal sci-fi effect).

That’s it for Monday. I’ll talk you again later this week.