Weekly News, Links and Gossip

It’s another gorgeous 80 degree day here in Tampa, FL and it reminds just why I love to live in Florida. Anyway, here’s a quick roundup of some Lightroom stuff I’ve found recently.

• I found an interesting read about utilizing Facebook when it comes to our photography. While Lightroom doesn’t really have hooks directly to it, Photoshop Express does. Either way, it’s kind of neat to see where things may be heading.

• Chris Orwig has a sweet article on some workflow features for Lightroom over at Layers Magazine’s website. While you’re there make sure you check out RC’s daily blog. Lots of great things for photographers and designers alike.

• Lightroom Galleries has an update to their wide range of galleries with the Lightroom Contact Form gallery. You can find it here.

• At Photoshop World in Orlando last month, my publisher (Peachpit press) asked us to film some videos based around Joe McNally’s book, The Moment it Clicks. They asked us to share a “click” moment with the audience. Here’s a link to mine as well as a few others who participated.

• (Blatant self-promotion alert!!!) The Digital Photography School created a list of 9 Hot Photoshop Books. I’m extremely proud to say that 2 of my books (Layers and the Photoshop Elements 6 Book for Digital Photographers I co-authored with Scott) made the list. (FYI… I’m still signing books if you order from Kelby Training)

• In other book news, Scott Kelby is currently entrenched in his Lightroom 2 Book for Digital Photographers. I’ve seen a glimpse of some stuff he’s putting in there and let me tell ya’, no one is out there teaching Lightroom like this. I’ll put it to you this way. There’s not another author/trainer in the world that has personally come across as many Lightroom users as Scott has. So he knows first hand exactly what everyone wants to know. Obviously, the book is available for pre-order so if you want to be the first to get the book when Lightroom 2 ships (beta expires in August so you be the judge) you can pre-order here.

That’s it for today folks. If you’ve got any cool links or Lightroom/Digital Photography/Workflow related links please post ’em in the comments area. Thanks and I hope you have a great Wednesday.
(photo credit: Chris Orwig)