Lightroom Videos

Wednesday Video and Inspiration

Yep… you read correctly. You’re getting a little bit of both today.
VideoBefore Lightroom, cropping and straightening in Photoshop was a 2-step process. Plus, you kind of had to know the little tricks of the trade to straighten your photos because there really was no straighten tool (yes, I know about the Lens Correction filter but most folks never found it). That said, Lightroom has a pretty slick interface for straightening your photos. You can do it visually or you can use part of the photo as a reference point. Click here to watch the video. (26 Mb)

InspirationCheck out photographer and fellow Lightroom enthusiast, Sean McCormack’s photoblog. Sean’s website has everything from his own portfolio to Lightroom tutorials, but I really enjoy poking around through his photoblog because he’s got some beautiful work. Check it out here.