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Video – Using Photo Mechanic with Lightroom

I’m doing a little bit of a different kind of video this time. It came as an idea after reading Scott Kelby’s post on his sports photography workflow. I realized that I (and many other photographers out there) use a program called Photo Mechanic to look through our photos at times. Mainly because it draws full size views of the photos blazingly fast. I still use Lightroom for just about everything else (organizing, collections, editing, printing etc…), but Photo Mechanic works great (for me at least) when I need to look through hundreds of photos and check sharpness, and overall quality of the photo, very quickly. As I said in the video, if you watch this and think “But can’t Lightroom do all of that”, you’re absolutely right and using Photo Mechanic is probably not for you. But trust me, I talk to plenty of wedding, portrait, landscape and street photographers out there that need (or simply just want) to go through their photos extremely fast at times, and this is a great way to do that.

One last thing. NAPP members get a discount on Photo Mechanic. Here’s the link to the NAPP Member website but you’ll have to sign in to see the code.