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Video – Lightroom Before/After for Black and Whites

This week I’m heading straight to the request lines for Lightroom Killer Tips. A couple of weeks ago some one requested a before/after video on black and white conversions. It’s actually much easier than most people think, but there’s a few tricks to the whole process so I figured I’d share how I do it. Enjoy!

NOTE: I’m adding this after reading some of the comments. I personally use a plug-in from Nik software that I mention in this video (I also show you the LR way). Here’s the thing. I can only show you the way that I do my Black & White conversions. I understand there’s other ways to do it, but this is the way that I do it. It’s not a Nik Software promo. In fact, I’d gather that Nik Software (unless some one from Nik is reading the blog today) doesn’t even know I posted this, nor do they know that I use their software for my B&W conversions.

Click here to download the video to your computer. [Right-click and choose the “Save As” option]