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Video – Lightroom and Photoshop Automation

Last week at Photoshop World in Boston, I taught a class on Lightroom/Photoshop integration. The class went over really well and I think it gave people a good look at why and when you’d go between the two programs. Well, during the class a did a tutorial on how to automate Lightroom with a Photoshop action and a Droplet. Now there’s two things you should know about this technique: 1) It’s really cool, and 2) I totally screwed it up during class and missed a tiny step. So I came back home and naturally had to 1) Figure out where I messed it up and, 2) Do a video of the technique to regain my confidence back 🙂

Anyway, if you were at the show and saw me mess up, then you’ll get to see this run flawlessly. And if you weren’t at Photoshop World, then you’ll get to see it run flawlessly, all the while never knowing the humiliation I suffered last Friday. Enjoy!

Click here to download the Video