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Video – Camera Profiles for Lightroom

UPDATE (2/8/2010): I still see comments on this video so I figured I’d let you know this functionality is now included in the latest versions of Lightroom and Camera Raw. You don’t have to download anything, its not beta software or anything like that. They’re included automatically. If you don’t have them, then your camera isn’t supported or you’re trying to edit a TIFF or JPEG file.

This one has been causing quite a bit of buzz. When Adobe released Lightroom 2 (and the accompanying 4.5 update to Camera Raw) they released these camera profiles on the Adobe Labs website. In a nutshell, these profiles match the camera manufacturers color appearance of your photos. So if you’ve ever opened your photo in Nikon’s or Canon’s software and been happier with the way it looked there vs. Lightroom, then you’ll love these things. I’ll tell you all about ’em, where to download them, and how to use them in this week’s video. Make sure you let us all know if and how they’re working out for you in the comments section here. Thanks!

Click here to watch the video. (18MB)