It was Matt Kloskowski who originally tagged it with that name here on Lightroom Killer Tips, and I think he was spot on. Well, maybe it should be “The Most Useful Button in Lightroom?” (with a question mark instead) because while it’s certainly debatable, I believe it’s truly one of, if not the, handiest. If you’re not using the Previous button in your daily work, check out this short little video on why it’s so handy. 

I love that dang button! 🙂

Are you coming to the Photoshop World Conference in Orlando this Summer?
We’ve got three solid days of Lightroom training (and a bunch of Photoshop classes, and lighting and photography and more!). You’ve always said to yourself, “One day, I’ve gotta go to Photoshop World…” and this can be the year. If you’re still on the fence, watch the 1-minute trailer below:

Don’t wait another year – don’t look at all the videos and photo afterward and think you should have gone, but you missed it again. Go right now to – book your hotel (you can stay at the same hotel where we’re holding the conference – the beautiful Hyatt Regency Hotel & Convention Center – it where all the instructors and staff are staying, and we’ve even got special discounted room rates). Pack your bags — we’re going to Orlando May 31-June 2, 2018. Let’s do it!

Have a great Monday everybody – let’s make this one count! 🙂