Lightroom Tips

Tip – The Quick Way To Panels

I just got back to my hotel room from the Photoshop 20th Anniversary Party in San Francisco. You know, I knew it was going to be fun, but I have to say it totally rocked. A big thanks to all that made it out for the event. The crowd was great and the people who came up to me before and after were just so nice. Everyone had a blast. But if you didn’t get to go, you can still stop by the 20th Anniversary website to catch the video recap.

OK, here’s one of those tips I have ingrained in my everyday work and hopefully it’ll help you out. Let’s say you’re working in the Basic panel in the Develop module and you want to add a vignette. You can of course grab the scroll bar and scroll down to the vignette panel. Or try this. The Vignettes panel is the 6th one down from the top so just press Cmd-6 (PC: Ctrl-6). If you wanted to get to HSL then press Cmd-3 (PC: Ctrl-3) since it’s the 3rd one from the top. You get the idea. Throw the Cmd (PC: Ctrl) key in front of whatever number panel it is you want and you have a much faster way to switch between them. Personally, I don’t memorize all of them but hopefully it at least helps you get to the ones you use most.