Lightroom Tips

TIP: Shortcut for Switching Modules

As you work your photos in Lightroom you’d probably be surprised at how many times you switch modules. You also probably still click on the module names up in the top right corner right? Well I’ve got the shortcuts for you to help you do it faster but, more importantly, I’ve got a way to help you remember them too. First, the shortcut for switching modules is Ctrl-Alt (Mac: Cmd-Option) and the numbers 1-5. So think of it this way, from left to right are Library, Develop, Slideshow, Print and Web. The numbers 1-5 correspond to each one of those modules in order so it becomes really easy to start remembering the shortcuts. And if you’re like me, I switch modules constantly during the day so anything that can help me remember how to do it faster is a good thing in my book (ever wonder what “my book” really is? 🙂 ). Well everyone, hope you have a great weekend.